What is Magic WP Coupons

Magic WP coupons is a Wordpress based plugin which can magically turn your Wordpress theme into a coupons site. It will allow you to add coupons and define stores before you add coupons.Dramatically adds coupon snippets into your site and and allows users of your site to browse, search and use coupon codes.

The Magic is on!

Yes! this is a magic to convert your site into a coupon site, just download and install “Magic WP Coupons” Plugin and activate it. The magic is turned on.


Compatible Themes

We are building our themes which will be 100% compatible with Magic WP Coupons Script. Some of the themes are in pipeline and we will be showing up our themes gallery within few days.

Download The Magic

Get access to download your magic plugin and turn your site into a well formatted coupon site. The plugin download is 100% free rather we seek your support to improve it more.


We are updating this plugin, subscribe to get in touch with with updates and take the benifits of newer future plugin..



Founder at Studio44

I had been looking out for a coupons theme for a couple of weeks and when I landed here, I found the best thing I could get. I can use this plugin even in my own theme and that’s what I didn’t even expected. Thanks Man, you’re the best!


CEO at Innwit

Wow! awesome plugin and user friendly as well! Really easy to use, customize and I have put everything according to my needs. Thanks for the free version. I am really desperate for the premium Version! Sign me up for the newsletter.


Founder at WhiteLightning

This plugin really forced me to appreciate the creator of this plugin. I came back here to tell you that if you are looking for some exceptional theme or plugin to manage your Coupons site then don’t spend hours or money. Just get this right away!